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People have been led to believe that Bigfoot only exists in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States due to a lot of publicity over the years. Most of the better Bigfoot sightings and films that the media covers are from the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific Northwest certainly has a good chance of harboring a yet unknown creature in its vast wilderness. Bigfoot has also been reported in many other parts of the country. Ohio and Pennsylvania are no exceptions. The OH/PA area have had Bigfoot-like creatures reported as far back as the early European settlements, and Indian tribes of the area have legends of a Bigfoot-like creature. The first newspaper report of a "wild man" in Ohio was in January 1869, when a creature was said to have attacked a carriage near Gallipolis. A September 30th, 1874 Pennsylvania newspaper article, from the Williamsport Sun Gazette, describes a "wild man" nearly seven feet tall being seen each autumn near Morgantown. This Morgantown report describes a creature who generally walks on all fours, is almost completely covered by hair, has hands and feet double the size of a man, makes all kinds of gestures, gives unearthly yells, and carries off pigs and sheep from settlers in the mountains. Since around 1950, when researchers started to collect reports, this two-state area has a running total of over 450 Bigfoot reports. We have also received information that the neighboring Maryland panhandle and state of West Virginia is rich with reports of these creatures. Many of these reports may be misinterpretations, but some sound too genuine to ignore. If a creature like Bigfoot does exist, many more people in these two states have probably seen it. We would appreciate, if the people that have seen this creature in the Ohio/Pennsylvania area, would contact us. This may assist us in obtaining crucial evidence. Click on the below state outlines for more information about Ohio or Pennsylvania.