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The Ohio / Pennsylvania Bigfoot Research Group

Who we are and how to contact us

The Ohio / Pennsylvania Bigfoot Research Group is a volunteer, self funded organization dedicated to applying scientific methodology to discover the truth behind the Bigfoot phenomenon. The group has determined that there has been enough sightings, of a Bigfoot-like creature in the Ohio / Pennsylvania area, to warrant further research. The founding members began their research in 1978, and have since purchased or developed specialty and hi-tech equipment required to do their research properly. The members are selected by merit and objectiveness, and membership is not open to the general public. The members pursue their research as a hobby, have no interest in promoting themselves individually in the media or elsewhere, and they remain anonymous to protect their professional careers.  The groups goals are to scientifically research the subject, obtain substantial field evidence in the Ohio/Pennsylvania area, seek and publish correct, accurate information, and to dispel inaccurate rumors. The group has yet to find enough evidence to provide proof that a Bigfoot is inhabiting the state of Ohio or Pennsylvania. "We are confident; if Bigfoot exists in the area, we can find evidence to prove it; we will not find evidence if Bigfoot is not in the area unlike many other researchers."

The group's members are educated and have professional careers in the following fields: wildlife biology, mechanical, electrical, and electronic engineering, and business management. 

All of the group's information is held strictly confidential in order to prevent evidence tampering, hoaxing, and the disturbing of witnesses and the environment. We will not create the type of media frenzy or local hysteria that the other researchers in the area are know for. We won't question witnesses like they are on trial; our focus is on finding evidence, not making a story out of a report. We welcome the opportunity to volunteer to work with law enforcement or wildlife agencies on Bigfoot related cases, and will provide a written report upon the conclusion of our investigation. 

You may contact the Oh/Pa Bigfoot Research Group several ways, but it is preferred that you use Email. To report incidents, it is preferred that you fill out the on-line report form at  the Bigfoot Research Network web site, which we are members. The mailing address is: PO Box 376, Newton Falls, OH 44444. 

Warning:  It is illegal to willfully perpetrate a hoax, and we may notify local authorities who may choose to prosecute.

Why we won't print lists of incident reports on this site

We will not be listing all our incident reports online. Online incidence listings can be found elsewhere if you wish to view them. In our opinion, these lists have not resulted in any further proof of the existence of Bigfoot, and have only flooded the Internet with rumors and hoaxes, that produce more rumors and hoaxes. Many have been misled (researchers included), by the abundance of un-researched and unverified reports found on the Internet, into believing that Bigfoot is much more common than it is in reality, producing even more bogus reports. We will only publish our reports when proper supporting evidence is available to accompany the information. Remember, no conclusive evidence has been obtained yet. 

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