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Bigfoot Related
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Specialized Research Equipment
Audio/Video Equipment
Vehicle Related
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Bigfoot Related

Bigfoot Encounters Don't miss this excellent site from the golden state. Be sure to view the McClarin/Patterson creature comparison video found under the video/images section.
Cascade Hominology Research Project Very interesting hair analysis article.
The IVBC FAQ Comments about frequently asked questions concerning Bigfoot can be found in this Bigfoot primer. Use caution when reading, not everything is based on fact.
North American Science Institute Excellent analysis on the Patterson film, and the Bigfoot Phenomenon in a downloadable PDF file. Be sure to download this file while you still can, we are not sure how much longer it will be available.
The Bigfoot Internet Library Links Page A well organized Internet links site for Bigfoot related web sites and pages, but leaves out a few.
Cryptoworld Cryptozoology site that covers Bigfoot.
Bigfoot Research Network The research network for all researchers near the OH, MD, PA, and WV states.

Other Ohio/Pennsylvania Area Bigfoot Web sites

Central Ohio Bigfoot This biology majors student is an excellent researcher.

Wildlife Related

PA Dept of Natural Resources Contains valuable information and links to other PA sites.
OH Dept of Natural Resources Contains valuable information and links to other OH sites.
OH Dept of Wildlife Valuable information about Ohio wildlife and the hunting regulations online.
Identifying Predator Kills Excellent description and pictures of predator kills and how they differ.
Guide to Animal Sounds On The Net Many bird and animal sounds plus links to more.
Tom Brown's Tracking, Nature, & Wilderness Survival School When you want to get serious about tracking, this is the school.

Outdoor Related Gear

Cabela's  Good resources for hunting equipment, optics, boots, and camping gear.
Redhead  Good resource for hunting equipment, optics, boots, and camping gear.
Brigade Quartermasters Equipment for hunting, special ops, extreme adventure, and law enforcement.
US Cavalry Military and law enforcement equipment, plus hunting equipment.
Cheaper Than Dirt Mostly shooting supplies, but has good prices on clothing, camping, and survival gear.
Campmor For your general camping supply needs.
Major Surplus and Survival Military surplus supplier has some of the best prices on ALICE packs and other camping gear.

Specialized Research Equipment

Sierra Pacific Night/Thermal vision supplier plus tons of technical information, videos, and pictures.
Forestry Suppliers Inc. Lots of great gear for wildlife research.
Wildlife Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Tranquilizer equipment and materials, if you are qualified and ever get that close.
Pneu-Dart More tranquilizer equipment.
Up Close Scent elimination and concealment products for wildlife photographers.
Wildlife Materials Inc Radio tracking and capture net products.

Audio/Video Equipment

Porters  Still camera supplies, and accessory bargain supplier.
B&H Photo/Video/Pro Audio For great prices on video, photo, and audio equipment they are the place to call.

Vehicle Related

4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers For all your vehicle needs at good prices.
Four Wheel Drive Hardware Jeep specialists
Quadratec Fast becoming a major Jeep parts supplier, plus they have new CJ frames.

Weather Information

Pittsburgh National Weather Service Reliable weather info for SE Ohio and all of Pennsylvania.  For weather all over the country direct from the meteorology school of Penn State.

Mapping Information

Penn State Maproom Free full 7.5 minute USGS Topo maps of Pennsylvania are downloadable here.
Topozone Download topo maps from anywhere and print them for free.
Terraserver Download free satellite images and topos for many parts of the country.
USGS National Atlas of the US Interactive Internet GIS mapping atlas of the United States.


Take a Hike Publishing Co. Take a Virtual Hike of environmental, and nature prints from mostly Pennsylvania. All are very high quality, and suitable for framing for that perfect picture in your living room or office. Very reasonable prices too.

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