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Below are a number of footprint pictures taken for demonstration use. None of the pictures are verified to be Bigfoot related. The pictures are mostly human footprints under different conditions, hoax attempts, and a few possible Bigfoot related prints. We are not going to go into the details of Bigfoot footprint anatomy in order not to educate hoaxers. We are presenting this information to educate Bigfoot researchers so they may be able to better understand and identify prints.


Human Prints in Mud

Mud can shape human prints differently depending on the consistency and depth of the mud. Often the print can appear longer and wider than the foot that made the print.

Human print in early March, it is barefoot in case that is unclear.

The above bare footprint was made during the normally cold months of Ohio across a muddy patch in a trail. Washed out by weather, the details have disappeared, and the track eroded out slightly larger. Finding bare footprints when it is too cold to go barefoot is not evidence of Bigfoot. We have also seen bare footprints of children around fishing ponds in what most people would consider cold weather. 

Human print in soft mud, shows slippage.

This is the same person as above. Note the dramatic changes in appearance.

The two above pictures were from the same person making their way along a muddy trail on their way to a distant fishing pond. The top picture was in an open muddy area, where it appears the individual rushed across due to the slippage and amount of soil upheaval. The lower picture was made in the bottom of a puddle, which was dried out when the photo was taken. More accurate size and shape can be seen here, but details have been eroded.

The next series of prints are from a lake shore where someone stepped out of their boat during higher water levels in the lake. When the water levels dropped in September, these prints were left clear and distinct in the clay mud.

Given only this picture, many would think this is a genuine Bigfoot print. It is 1.5 inches deep in heavy clay soil, wide and flat looking. But, simply looking at the other prints and evidence around, it is very clear that is human. Remember that these were made under water, as the person was making their way to shore, slipping now and then, moving their foot side-to-side trying to get a foothold.


Here is a view of two prints in the path. Note the almost straight inline track, and the step length of 22 inches.

Hoax Footprints

Ranking just behind hoax reports of sightings are hoaxed footprints. Hoaxed prints can be found after a report or in an area that has had a history of purported reports. People love making fake prints. They may range from poor attempts to very artistic and accurate. One must be very careful and vigilant to study not only the prints, but the area surrounding the prints and the circumstances leading to the find.

This is a fake print found in an area that is well known to have many purported Bigfoot reports.  

Taken by another researcher, maybe too obviously a human print.

The following pictures were taken after an investigation that we were called into by another researcher. The witnesses didn't report Bigfoot activity, but something else that could have been Bigfoot related. After the prints were found, the witnesses claimed to have found the reason for their activity, a common animal. We were tentative about placing the hoax label on these, but there were other clues that have led us to lean towards a hoax. Again, we will not go into all the reasons so other would be hoaxers will not be educated.

The above was found along an old logging trail very near the witness's home. It rained heavily on these prints before we got there. One full print was found, and a heel print of equal size and shape was found 15 feet behind the full print. A rather large rock was displaced about 10 feet behind the heel print. No other prints or evidence were found. 

Don't forget the Snow Paws snowshoes designed for kids. The manufacturer advertises they are for making "Bigfoot-like" prints in the snow.



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