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The Ohio / Pennsylvania Bigfoot Email List

We have created a free email list you can subscribe to, with the help from This list will concentrate on mostly the Bigfoot subject in the Ohio/Pennsylvania area. Topics will include Bigfoot theories, evidence, research techniques, sightings, habits, habitat, events, Internet information, news, and more. This is the only email list selected for public releases of the Bigfoot Research Network. On this list you will also hear about our comments about what's going on in the Bigfoot field, and from time to time we will ask group discussion topics. Information relating to Bigfoot from other states are also invited. We believe everyone should know about the general environment and wildlife in these two states to better understand Ohio and Pennsylvania. We invite discussion topics concerning the general wildlife, outdoor areas, creeks and rivers in Ohio and Pennsylvania. We would like to hear from everyone who subscribes. Don't just lurk, your comments are welcome.  

Our email list is possibly the only Bigfoot related email list that is unrestricted and unmoderated. You must be over the age of 18 to join. Click on the link below to subscribe. Keep all posts informative and professional with out the use of profanity. You may at any time be unsubscribed and banned from the list for bad, rude, or other conduct that is unbecoming of an adult. 

Click to subscribe to OHPABFOOT