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Dark Side
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The Dark Side of Bigfoot Research

This area of the web site will be devoted to the side of Bigfoot research you never hear about, based on our years of research and experimentation. This information is what many researchers don't want you to know, and they try to hide this information from you in fear that it may be negative to their credibility. Throughout this area, we will take you to the depths of the Bigfoot research jungle, and discuss topics such as: how researchers conduct themselves and the games they play, the lack of evidence, major methodology errors, misidentification and hoax problems, and more. We will be providing documents, sample cases, and analysis of purported evidence. We will also present possible solutions to these problems that have seriously hampered the Bigfoot research field. 

Some may ask, why bother addressing these problems if it reflects negatively on the field? We are addressing these problems to expose them in hope that the situation can be resolved. The problems are so severe, that the truth about Bigfoot is still a mystery after 40 years of research in the U.S. These problems are seriously hampering scientific discoveries of this phenomenon and individuals who are trying to conduct proper research of the subject.  Hopefully, current researchers will realize their errors and move forward to conduct better research. This information is also valuable to new researchers. Don't get us wrong, there are some sincere, honest Bigfoot researchers who are hard working in their quest to solve the Bigfoot mystery. These dedicated researchers are to be highly commended for their efforts.

We will be gradually adding to this section as time permits during the next few years.

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