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Books worth reading

Bigfoot Related:

Big Footprints By Dr Grover Krantz 1992. This is one of the best Bigfoot books around today.
North America's Great Ape: The Sasquatch By Dr John A Bindernagle 1998. Visit John's Web site. Note: We have found this book to have overall good content and well worth reading, but many incidents and references are misleading and incorrect. Sources of some of the information were obtained from other "researchers" that are known to misinterpret and exaggerate finds.

Wildlife Related:

Wildlife Watchers Handbook By Frank T Hanenrat 1977. How hunters and photographers get close to wildlife.
Owls- Their Life And Behavior By Julio De La Torre. All about Owls in North America.
The Great Bear Almanac By Gary Brown. One of the best bear books we've seen.
Tracking & The Art of Seeing: how to read animal tracks and signs By Paul Rezendes. Excellent book covering North American animals. 
Tom Brown's Field Guide To Nature Observation & Tracking By Tom Brown the master tracker himself.



Never Be Lied To Again By David J. Libermen, PH.D.  How to get to the truth in under 5 minutes, remember many people lie as a way of life.


Where To Get The Books:

You may try your local library or bookstore, but if that fails you may search and buy books online at discounted prices from the following:

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